Airbnb Plus logo, photos by Lucia Pinto

Less then a month ago Airbnb announced Airbnb Plus.
For those who haven’t heard of it, this new program guarantees a higher level of service and amenities.

More then 2,000 Airbnb home listings in 13 cities worldwide were hand picked to be part of a rigorous 100-point inspection that covered standards for both quality and safety. Becoming a Airbnb Plus Host is very much an ongoing process as not all selected homes get there right from the start.

Since the end of last year I was fortunate to be part of the selected group of photographers who became part of this program in Cape Town, South Africa. It was really fascinating to meet so many great hosts and shoot amazing properties, designed and decorated with great taste, featuring beautiful artwork and incredible high standards.

From a photographic point of view, Airbnb has a very refined set of guidelines which help keep an elegant look and feel through all the homes shot by Airbnb photographers.

Bellow you will find some of the properties photographed, click to open the full Airbnb listing.