Client Reviews


“Was a lucky coincidence that Lúcia was to be around in Kalamata at the time I needed to redo the pictures of my apartments; really lucky as it turned out that her photography met and exceeded my expectations and has already earned me (and of course her) a lot of positive comments.”
Nico Bütler, Kalamata Top Rooms, Greece

Property photo by professional photographer Lucia Pinto

“Lúcia took amazing photographs that were used to sell my property. The attention to detail and the way she managed to portray the feel of each space was superb and I’m sure that influenced the sale which took just five days. Highly recommended!”
Andrew Burrell, Wilderness, South Africa

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“The images are of superb quality. Lúcia proved she is an excellent photographer, professional at all times. What amazed me most was her eye for detail, she fixed a bed sheet, dressed the patio table with plates and wine glasses all before setting to work. We could not have been happier, clearly shows knows her field inside and out.”
Mrs Scheepers, Kingswood Estate, South Africa

Caledon 23 Country House - Guesthouse photographys by Lucia Pinto

“A job, well done! Thank you Lúcia, for all the trouble and re-visits to take the perfect photos of our Guest House. Thank you for going the extra mile
to meet all my particular needs.”
Rita Steinberg, Caledon 23 Country House, South Africa

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“Thank you Lucia for all the stunning photos you have taken of my property listings over the years. My clients have all commented on how beautiful your photos are, and how professional and dedicated you are. It is a pleasure to work with you!”
Maria Coetsee from Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty Wilderness, South Africa


“She is professional, a perfectionist and is able to build warm and meaningful relationships with her clients.
Her photographs are able to capture the feel of a home.”

Julia Joubert, Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty George,
South Africa